Kickstart Go

Trinity Marketing Group

“The KickstartGo team are fantastic. I’ve dealt with Deon from the start and he’s always been on hand to help with any queries we have received all payments promptly and speak to Deon most weeks for updates.


My employee Sam is really enjoying her job and has grown as a person over the last few weeks , she loves working here and at the end of the 6 months I can see here being taken on and working here many years to come.


Overall very impressed with the scheme and the quality of staff I’ve had.”

Enterprise 360

“The KickstartGo gateway team are in short outstanding, as a SME who had extensive growth potential but very limited resources, this team has allowed us to get going on the system and open many opportunities for young people. We could not recommend the team more highly.


The Kickstart scheme is awesome, and has allowed us to move our SME in the direction of creating full time employment, in fact two of the Kickstarter are already on 40 hours a week. This scheme has extensive scope to support small businesses to realise their underlying growth potential. “

Lilian Maund Training Centre

“The KickstartGo gateway team are very pro-active , quick to respond and very efficient. I have applied previously to other gateways who have not been as effective.

The Kickstart scheme is really successful, I have recruited 5 employees who are just completing their first month. They are really enjoying their work and have developed lots of skills in the Beauty Industry. They are all wearing the correct uniform and embracing learning new skills and developing their employability skills.”

M&M Family

“The KickstartGo Gateway team are very very helpful, especially Deon who always help me with the application process and when I got any questions he will respond very quickly.

Kickstart Scheme is very helpful for my business and I think for the candidates is helpful as well.”

Tangent Books

“My Kickstart employee has settled very quickly into his role as Assistant Publisher.


We have completed all the necessary paperwork, risk assessments, etc and have a training programme in place. This will be reviewed at monthly appraisals.


My ambition is that he will have a sparkling CV by the end of his Kickstart scheme. Ideally there will be a full-time role for him at Tangent, but because physical retail sales have been practically zero for the last year, this may be difficult.


KickstartGo have been excellent in their support and swift responses to queries.”