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Trainee Assessment Officer (8 of 10)


Manchester College of Law – MCL School of Law is fully accredited by numerous awarding bodies such as Pearson – BTEC – ATHE – Qualifi – OTHM and BCS, offering qualification from level 3 to 7 with pathways to universities topup Degrees in Law Business an I.T. This position is suitable for applicants who which to become assessors in colleges or on any vocational studies courses.
The position holders are required to support the qualification assessment team by gathering all the assignments and referring to the internal and external quality assurance team, lodging appeals on behalf of students, checking qualifications with awarding bodies and checking content of the syllabus.
After making the assessment decisions give feed back to learners, make a firm contribution to quality and assurance and keep accurate assessment records.
Applicants can also obtain a quality assurance qualification to become an assessor or verifier.

Applicants must hold at least level 3 qualification in any subject in order to undertake the position.

Full training given and mainly to diploma in Business and Management.
Full training will be given in management of students recruitment, I.T and laptop provided to work remotely.
The employment will give you skills and knowledge and understanding of working of assessments including workshop classrooms and other training and understanding of the regular qualifications. You will gain the knowledge and skills for assessment.