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Student Recruitment Officer (19 of 20)


Manchester College of Law – MCL School of Law id fully accredited by numerous awarding bodies such as Pearson – BTEC – ATHE – Qualifi – OTHM and BCS, offering qualification from level 3 to 7 with pathways to universities topup Degrees in Law Business an I.T.


MCL offers online tuition face to face to UK and International Students and requires student recruitment officers to assist the recruitment of students in UK and International Campuses and the duties will include to evaluate appropriate students and targeted recruitment activities in order to support the College’s student recruitment strategy. As part of a team of recruitment professionals the post holder will attend a range of recruitment activities online and deliver presentations to prospective UK & International Students. It is likely that the post holder will spend approximately 70% of their time undertaking administrative tasks such as admissions Qualification structure and 30% attending online and social media outreach events in UK and Internationally.