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Showroom Assistant


At Central Bikes our Showroom Assistant role is aimed at giving you the skills and knowledge to become a key member of our sales team.

You will work alongside our sales manager to develop an understanding of what it takes to run a successful scooter/motorcycle showroom.

Our goal is to give you a fundamental understanding of a showroom and then build on this foundation exposing you to more specific areas of the showroom.

From day one you’ll be given responsibilities. You’ll start off with understanding store presentation and how this impacts a customer interpretation of us as a company.

Once you’ve mastered an understanding of how the store should be presented to have the best impact on a customer we will take you through merchandising, stock management, selling skills, and customer relations. It is through understanding these different aspects that you’ll round out your skill knowledge.

Merchandising will focus on how we present specific products and product rotation. You’ll start to understand how the customer interacts with products on the showroom floor.

We will then start to show you how we manage stock with emphasis on ordering, rotation, clearance and checks. Once we feel you have a good grasp of these key areas will move on to selling skills.

Selling skills will include how we use strategic prospecting and things like demo rides to help the customer decide to buy from us. Selling skills will include developing customer relation skills as this is a key part of the customer journey. You’ll be taken through how to build a rapport with customers, using active listening skills, and how to handle objections.

The aim of the position and having a mentor is to build a solid foundation of knowledge starting with the essentials tasks and then graduating to more challenging ones.

We would see the successful candidate slowly taking on more responsibility and seamlessly transitioning from Showroom Assistant to permanent member of the team.

As a multi brand motorcycle and scooter showroom there are always new models coming out and knowledge to be learned keeping our team consistently engaged with the task of selling.