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Play worker

High Achievers Before & After school club
  1. Assist the manager to plan, prepare and provide creative and appropriate play opportunities in a safe and caring environment.
  2. Provide full care for the children including the collection of children from school and the safe delivery to parents/carers.
  3. Assist the manager to ensure that refreshments are provided and meet the required standards of hygiene, health and safety.
  4. Consult with children and involve them in the planning of activities.
  5. Contribute towards administration of the club, in accordance with club systems.
  6. Administer first aid as appropriate.
  7. Encourage parental involvement and support for the club.
  8. Contribute to good communication with all members of the organisation, parents, schools and childcare and play related agencies.
  9. Undertake training which may be a statutory requirement and to contribute to professional development.
  10. Monitor and maintain a healthy, safe and secure working environment.
  11. Carry out all responsibilities and activities within an equal opportunities framework.
  12. Work within agreed policies.