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Liaison co ordinator (8 of 10)


Manchester College of Law – MCL School of law offering variety of courses covering Law IT Business studies and fully accredited by Pearson – BCS – ATHE – QUALIFI – OTHM offering level 3 to 7 courses with popup and pathways to partners Universities.
After completing the qualification the students have an option to take employment or continue with topup degrees, The co ordinations will guide the students to the pathway they wish to peruse or progress to university degree.
The position holder will be responsible for effectively guiding the students on progression to the next stage of qualification, pathways, qualifications requirements, providing support online and by phone, referring and co-ordinating admissions to top up universities, general support and administrative work.
Applicants will be required to work from 1-2 days at the campus and 2-3 days remotely.

Employees can obtain qualification in I.T or Business Management