Kickstart Go

Last updated: 18th June 2021


This article provides an overview of the KickstartGo payments processing and the approximate funding schedule, as guidance only, for what employers can expect.

Funding schedule

  • 10 working days from candidate start date, the initial £1,500 remittance is issued. We are seeing that it is taking up to 4 days from remittance issued to the actual funds arriving.
    • The first 3 days the DWP checks the payment request matches their records. They then raise an internal invoice to their payments team.
    • The payments team take up to 7 days to process the payment.
  • As an employer, here you need to do two things:
  1. Notify us of the candidate placement by adding their Introduction ID, full name and start date to the job listed in the portal. This information is used to reconcile the funding payments received from the DWP and the employer the candidate is placed with.
  2. Notify the DWP placements team with the same details as per the information provided in the referral email on the start date of the candidate. This step is required to initiate the funding process.

  • 6 weeks from candidate start date, the DWP will take up to 10 days to check with HMRC to ensure the candidate is paid through the employer’s payroll (PAYE) system and will then issue the reimbursement payment to cover wages + NI + auto enrolment contributions.
  • 4 weeks later and every month thereafter, the reimbursement payment is made following the HMRC checks.

The above reimbursement payments happen automatically and there is nothing further the employer needs to do.

It is important that the employer’s payroll is up to date to ensure the DWP checks with HMRC can be completed on time.

All funding payments made by the DWP to KickstartGo are processed and sent to the employer on the same day.

Example of two candidates placements calculated funding schedule.

Candidate placement funding schedule

Reimbursement payments schedule

Intro ID


Start date


Month 1

Month 2

Month 3

Month 4

Month 5 

Month 6


  The Batman










  The Joker










KickstartGo payments processing

To guarantee a 100% accuracy when processing the funding payments received from the DWP and passing it on to the employers, a set process is adhered to that involves a peer review, uniquely generated payment references that are correlated to the DWP reference numbers and an employer bank account verification check to ensure it is the correct business bank account. The end-to-end payments process is fully tracked producing a complete audit trail.


  • An employer updates their portal account against the approved role providing the candidates Introduction ID, full name and start date.
  • When the DWP funding remittance is issued, we receive the email to a shared resource mailbox and a notification alert is sent to our monitoring channel.
  • The DWP funding remittance is correlated with the Introduction ID’s of placed candidates and the employer identified.
  • When the DWP funds are released, we receive an alert to our monitoring channel and the reference information correlated to the remittance that is correlated to the Introduction ID’s.
  • The same day the funding arrives, unique payment reference numbers are generated for each payment.
  • The banking payment instruction is set up for each employer and their bank account details are checked and confirmed to be the business bank account.
  • The payment transaction details are peer reviewed to ensure it is correct and if it is, the payment is made.