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Last updated: November 2020

Finding the right candidate can be tricky which is why it is so important to get the job description written in such a way that it stands out from the rest, and is easy for candidates to match their skills or experience. 

Here at KickstartGo, we have noticed that some applications submitted include minimal job information.  That means not only will it be difficult for candidates to find a suitable role, but also the DWP won’t have enough information to make a judgement on whether your vacancy is a high quality new job

To help our employers, we have collated the best how-to articles on job descriptions and included some useful links below. 

Useful Links

You can see great examples of how to write a job description below:

Indeed – How To Write A Job Description

This article provides clear and concise guidance that is easy to follow. Each section of the job description is clearly explained and why it should be included. Furthermore, there are hundreds of example job descriptions.

CV Library – How To Write An Effective Job Description

Another really good article that includes additional valuable information on sourcing the relevant information for the job description.

Harvard Business Review – Write A Job Description That Attracts The Right Candidate

Read the Harvard Business Review’s take on attracting the right candidate through your job description. 

CIO – 10 Tips For Crafting Highly Effective Job Descriptions

A useful, step by step process of how to write a good job description and tips to follow.

Michael Page – How To Write An Effective Job Description

A useful insight into other considerations around your job description, including 5 mistakes to avoid. 

Five Top Tips For Recruiting In 2020

Once you’re done with your job description, our recommended HR partner gives 5 top tips on recruiting in 2020.