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You’re applying for your first job and you’ve been asked to include a cover letter, but how do you write a cover letter with no work experience? Have no fear! It is possible to write a cover letter with no work experience…everyone who has a job has done it. We all have a first job and we all have to persuade an employer that we are the right person for the job (even if we haven’t done the job before!).


The most important thing to remember, is that even if you haven’t had a job before, you HAVE got life experience and personality traits that would make you an ideal candidate. You just need to think creatively about how to apply your own experiences to what the employer is looking for.


In this article you’ll find top tips on how to link your own life experience to what an employer is looking for in their ideal candidate and how to show that you have the right skills for a job with no work experience.

We are looking for…a teamplayer

Think back to your experiences at school. Did you play on a sports team? Or did you work on a school project as part of a group? Or perhaps you took part in school competitions as part of a tutor group team? After years of being at school, you almost certainly have examples of when you have worked successfully in a team.

We are looking for…a motivated individual

When have you wanted something and worked hard to achieve it? It could have been fundraising for a school trip or to raise money for a charity. Or perhaps you wanted to get a particular grade in an exam and you studied really hard to achieve it. There are many ways to show that you are a motivated individual without having had a job before.

We are looking for…good people skills

Can you think of a situation that you’ve been in that shows that you have good people skills? Perhaps you’ve been voted into a position of responsibility at your school or you inspired your friends to take part in an event or activity. You could even be the peace keeper in your group of friends– the one who calms everyone down during an argument. This shows empathy, the ability to stay calm and strong leadership skills through being able to influence your friends in a positive way.

We are looking for… good organisational skills

There are many ways of showing that you have good organisational skills even if you haven’t had a job before. Are you the planner in your group of friends? The one who organises a group activity from what you’re going to do, to how you’re going to get there and how much it’s going to cost. Or did you make an epic revision schedule and revision notes for your exams? These examples both show that you have good organisational skills.

We are looking for…someone who likes learning new skills

What do you do in your spare time? Have you got a hobby that has required you to learn a new skill? It might be coding, baking, learning a foreign language, playing an instrument, creating and editing videos or graphic design to name but a few.  Lots of these hobbies use skills that many employers are looking for. Also, they show that you are open to learning new things and aren’t afraid of a challenge!

There are many different skills that employers will ask for in a job description and we can’t include a list for all of them. However, the important thing to do is to take a moment when you read the job description and really look at your own life experience. For almost every requirement, you will be able to match something that you’ve done in your life to it to show that you are the right person for the job.


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