Kickstart Go

We have put together a list of frequently asked questions, where you should be able to find the answers to any questions you have about the scheme or how KickstartGo works.

To apply visit our homepage and simply fill out the registration form.  

We are currently seeing the process take 8-12 weeks before you can place a candidate.  Please refer to our employer guide for more information. 

There are no guarantees, but applying through a gateway increases the probability of approval due to the support services that we as a gateway offer. 

The below table provides a summary of all the funding and the costs involved.

FundingKickstartGo ReceivesEmployer Receives
Employer candidate placement grant – £1,500£1,500
KickstartGo candidate placement grant – £300£300
Employee wages 

100% National minimum wage

Employer National Insurance contributions

Employer minimum automatic enrolment contributions

Please note that the scheme is a reimbursement model. In our experience, you need to have cash flow available to continuously fund up to 2 months wages before receiving the reimbursement payments. 

More information is available on our How The Kickstart Scheme Works and KickstartGo Employer Guide pages.

To apply you will need to have your business details (Companies House or Charity number), the address of your business, the address of where your successful candidates will work (if different to your business address), and the job description of the vacancies you are looking to fill. During the application, you will also need to provide supporting information on how the jobs are new jobs, and not replacing existing roles.

There are many reasons that this could happen and the scheme is there to support young people’s employability, not to claw back funding or penalise employers. If a Kickstarter leaves before the end of their six month contract, all you need to do it notify us (and therefore HMRC) that the candidate is no longer with you.   If the candidate ends their employment within 6 weeks of starting then the role can be re-opened and a replacement recruited.

Yes you can, but please see our Employer’s Guide regarding eligibility and employment ratios. 

KickstartGo only accepts applications from registered companies or registered charities. 

Yes, we take data security very seriously and ensure we are compliant by regularly assessing any security risks and implementing appropriate security controls to mitigate identified risks. We are registered with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office under number ZA792676. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.

KickstartGo have a dedicated support mailbox which you can email with question at any time.  Our support email address is is here to make the process as simple as possible, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Yes, the Kickstart Scheme has been provided by the government in order to increase the employability of young people.  As such the government expects you to train the employees in areas which will increase their employability at the end of the 6 month programme, for example with CV writing skills, interview techniques etc.  KickstartGo provides a range of training in exactly these areas which will fulfil your employer’s requirement.  You can find more information about this in our Training Centre on our home page

We have not seen any specific requirement related to this but the DWP reserve the right to check this with employers who have hired through the Kickstart Scheme.  KickstartGo has an employee portal dedicated to training where they can submit records of their achievements. 

Once the candidate is successfully hired by your business, you should follow the standard employment practices that your business carries out, therefore it is up to you as the employer whether, or how often, you carry out appraisals.  The DWP reserve the right to interview you and your employees whilst you are in receipt of the Kickstart Scheme grants. 

Once your role is published to the universal credit system work coaches at JobCentres will refer suitable candidates to apply for your role(s). KickstartGo also publish all available vacancies on our website for candidates to view, but they must apply through the job centre to be eligible for the scheme.

Yes, this is very important. You must show that you intend to support the young person on their Kickstart Scheme placement, so that they increase their chances of finding work once the six-month job placement has ended.

A Kickstart Scheme job placement should give the young person real workplace skills that will make a difference to their prospects of finding work in the future.

This can include training, the opportunity to try new tasks and build new skills, or helping improve their existing skills.

In selecting Kickstart Scheme grant recipients, the government will carry out checks to ensure all of these criteria are met.

There are two parts to the process when providing job descriptions.

Firstly, as part of your application, we capture basic job information of the jobs you have available. This is required for the DWP batch submission.

Secondly, we capture detailed job information that you need to provide. This is needed by the DWP so that they can load the job information on the Universal Credit system for candidate selection and placement.

The DWP has provided a template of the job information required. Once you log into the portal and view your jobs, you can edit them and provide the additional information.

We recommend this information is completed as soon as possible so that when your roles are approved by the DWP, we can respond straight away and have your roles published.