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As the Kickstart Scheme reaches its final government deadline, KickstartGo is ramping down operations.

✅ For our existing employers, we are focusing our efforts on placing the remaining vacancies we have with our employers and continuing to provide same day funding & payments processing.

✅ If you are an existing employer, you should be able to find all the links you need on this page.

KickstartGo is an Approved National Representative of the Government's Kickstart Scheme

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Answers to some of the most commonly asked questions can be found in our FAQs:

Details of the funding schedule, how the payments are calculated and what you need to do when placing a candidate:

Here is a copy of the email explaining what you need to do when placing a candidate that contains important information on what you need to do to ensure there is no delay in receiving your funding:

Here is a copy of the email providing information on the candidate portal where your employees can register to gain access to the training centre and employee assistance programme (EAP):

Kickstart Scheme terms and conditions for gateways and employers that provides everything you need to know about what you as an employer have signed up to.

If you are a new employer, you have until 17th December 2021 to apply to the Kickstart Scheme. You can apply directly here.